Greetings Crochet Lovers!

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Hello fellow lovers of crochet! Thanks for the blog visit. As you can see, this is my first post and things are a little bare bones around here. However, you can expect lots of goodies in the future!

A little bit about myself to start: I am a thirty something year old wife, and mother to a beautiful 9 month old precious baby girl. She’s actually the whole reason I learned to crochet! I wanted to make adorable little hats and booties for my little lady. Now, to be sure, I had tried to teach myself at least 5 times prior in my life. I scoured so called beginner books and even with illustrations I couldn’t figure it out. Couldn’t tell front from the back, I crocheted my chains way too tight, was terrified of even patterns written for beginners (what IS that foreign language!), and was probably using the wrong combinations of yarn and hook. This resulted in me throwing the yarn and hook against the wall on more than one occasion, vowing I’d never even attempt to crochet again. A bit dramatic, I admit. Fast forward to summer, 2012. I am full bellied and waiting for my little bundle of joy to arrive. Officially done with my day job, I need something to fill in the time so I don’t make myself crazy thinking about how the delivery will go. So, in the middle of the hot August sun I waddled myself to the nearest A.C. Moore and bought a variety of crochet hooks and about $50 worth of yarn. No turning back now! This time I was a bit smarter about how to learn though. YouTube, ah glorious YouTube. A picture may be worth a thousand words but actually seeing someone do it while explaining it to you is priceless! I started out with a simple bow, cute to put on a hat or something. Next I moved onto arm warmers, which was very exciting because I love me some arm warmers, they make a great accessory. Plus, it was so easy!! I’ll share links later for any beginners or wanna-be crocheters out there. From that point onward my confidence grew and I was actually starting to make items from written patterns. Hats and booties for my baby gal, scarves for the ladies in the family, all sorts of goodies. I was definitely hooked!

So that’s my story. It’s a year later now, I have boxes full of yarn and there is no end in sight! And now I get to share my crochet adventures with you!

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