Arm Warmers…just in time for Summer…lol.

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If you have never crocheted before, or are just starting out, patterns can be pretty intimidating. That’s why when I started out, I utilized YouTube to help me understand exactly what to do. These arm warmers were the second project I ever made, and made me feel so much more confident with my crochet. Now, I used a fancy-ish yarn that had a bit of furriness to it. If you are just starting out with crochet I do NOT recommend delve into the fancy stuff, yet. Get comfortable with a regular worsted weight yarn first. Trust me.


You can make your very own arm warmers, any length you like, even if you’ve never crocheted before. This YouTube tutorial from BobWilson123 is a wonderful, step-by-step video that is easy to follow. Thank you BobWilson123 for helping teach the world to crochet!! I never would have been able to figure it out without you!

Make sure to do yourself a favor and check out her main website HERE! She shares many video tutorials and written patterns.

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