What I’m working on Wednesday

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Anyone who has been following me on twitter knows my little girl’s birthday is coming up, and I’m making a book bag for her. Follow me on twitter HERE.
She’s going to be a year old, and LOVES books. She goes for a book before any of the flashy toys. SO, I thought a book bag would be appropriate for her. It’s going to be big for her, but she can grow into it. It’s crocheted with worsted cotton yarn using tight single crochet stitches…it’ll be around for a while. Perhaps longer than I will – scary! My husband said she’ll probably be using it in high school for a purse. That would tickle me!
I won’t be posting a pattern (just freewheeling it as I go along), but I may make another in the future and I’ll take the time to write a pattern as I go along. I make no promises lol.
The flap part is what I’m working on right now. Once that’s as long as I want it to be I’m going to turn the bag into an owl. Gotta crochet the eyes and wings and then attach them. Haven’t decided if I want to crochet or cross stitch a beak on. Decisions…
Also, not sure if the flap needs a closure. I don’t want to add a button or anything right now so she doesn’t swallow it. Might add a loop of some sort so I can add a button closure later, but again, undecided. I’m open to suggestions!

Happy hooking everyone!

What I'm working on Wednesday

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