Mesh Market Bag

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I was going to do a “What I’m working on Wednesday”, but I was so close to finishing the project I figured I’d just wait until today so I can show the end result.

This was a relaxing, repetitive pattern, perfect for crocheting in front of the television. I used Lion brand Pound of Love yarn, just cause I wanted to use some of it up. The pattern is very forgiving in terms of what yarn and hook you use, so use whatever is most comfortable to you.
You can find the pattern for the mesh bag here: free crochet pattern, mesh market bag.
I did change up a few things from the pattern. When I got to the length I wanted for the netting part, I single crocheted around the entire top. 3 SC in each of the netted parts, and 1 SC in each SC stitch. Then I single crocheted two more rows above that, THEN I started the rows with the handles. I did 1 row of SC, 1 row of HDC, then 1 more row of SC to finish it off.

The flower and leaves really dress up the bag, and were super simple to make.
You can find the pattern for the leaves HERE, and the pattern for the flower HERE.

I’d love to see pics if you decide to make the bag, and I’m sure the original designer of the pattern would as well.

Happy hooking!



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