What I’m working on Wednesday

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A few weeks back I showed a bag I’m working on for my daughter for her birthday. The bag itself is finished, and now I’m working on turning it into an owl. Yes, crochet owls have been done to death but she loves owls and I don’t care lol!
For the eyes I did a ring and then 10 SC into the ring, one more round of black, then two rounds of blue (increasing as necessary).
The lashes were a little tricky, as I wanted to mirror the lashes and I can’t crochet left handed to save my life. The lashes are made up of a couple slip stitches, then 2 SC, 2 HDC, 2 DC, then 2 TC. For the right eye lashes, I chained 4 for the TC but when I did the next stitch the lash curled a little bit and I wanted it pointy. SO, after the CH 4, I CH 1 and then slip stitched into the back ridge of the CH 1, then continued on with the TC, 2 DC, 2 HDC, 2 SC, then slip stitches.
Lastly, I slip stitched all the way around with brown just to highlight.
The beak was a simple row of 6 SC and then decreases for each row…pretty much the easiest part of the whole thing.
I’m mulling around how to do the wings…thinking a heart folded in half would look good. Those will be purple. Then I can attach everything and weave in all my ends. Always the least fun part.

He’s how the owl looks so far, all purdy.


And here’s how it REALLY looks, with all the tails I have to weave in.


Her birthday is early next month, so I’m right on track to meeting the deadline. Then I can start pumping out the Christmas gifts!

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