Crochet! Magazine – 6 in 1 Warmer

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Crochet Pattern - 6 in 1 Neckwarmer Hood

Crochet Pattern – 6 in 1 Warmer

I live in the northeast and it is starting to get COLD! You know when the rings start sliding off your fingers it’s time to turn the heat on! My dear husband, he is a construction worker and works outside all year long…in the hot AND the freezing cold. I decided to make him a neck warmer hood to help him combat the cold and the wind that finds weak spots in your winter armor. It wasn’t even a week later when the latest issue of Crochet Magazine arrived in my mailbox, the winter 2013 issue. Inside was the perfect pattern, exactly what I was looking for. It’s called the 6-in-1 warmer in the magazine, because you can wear it as a hat, neckwarmer, ski mask…and a few other ways I can’t recall. It’s nice and long, the bottom part folds underneath the neckwarmer portion to give extra warmth to the neck and can be pulled up to cover the face.

Crochet! Magazine Pattern Neckwarmer Hood

I am considering it an early Christmas present. I couldn’t wait to give it to him, plus like I said, it’s cold NOW! I used wool-ease yarn, a wool blend yarn that can be machine washed and dried. If the man in your life either works outside in the winter, or likes to ski or snowboard, this would make a great heartfelt gift. You can add the project to your Ravelry queue here: Crochet! Magazine 6 in 1 Warmer


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