Free Crochet Pattern – Spring Fling Poncho

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Free Crochet Pattern - Spring Fling Poncho

Spring Fling Ponch – Free Crochet Pattern

I’m excited to share this new(ish) free crochet pattern with you. It was actually released a couple months ago as a guest post on another blog, but I completely forgot to mention it here. Doh! I’ve been working with Amy from The Stitchin Mommy as a guest blogger for her website, and the first post was this lovely free crochet poncho pattern.

The Spring Fling poncho is an open weave, cowl neck poncho that can be worn around the shoulders or bunched up around the neck. It’s summer here now in New England, and if it’s warm where you are right now, a cotton yarn may be just the way to go for a light layer.

Free crochet pattern - Spring Fling Poncho

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I made one in Vickie Howell Sheepish Stripes yarn, and the color effect is simply stunning, don’t you think? Stop on by The Stitchin Mommy pattern, and don’t forget to check out her other free crochet patterns available. Enjoy! Free Crochet Pattern – Spring Fling Poncho

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