Crochet Video Tutorial – Convertible Ponytail Hat & Neckwarmer

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Convertible Ponytail Hat & Neckwarmer – Free Crochet Video Tutorial

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I’m delighted to bring you another crochet video tutorial! This one is for my free crochet pattern Ponytail Hat Neckwarmer. Being that this is really only my second crochet video tutorial, I figured I would pick something fairly easy that any crocheter could accomplish. My goal with the video’s is to bring my designs to crocheters who cannot (or just don’t want to) read a crochet pattern. YouTube videos are how I learned to crochet so I’m happy to be able to give a little back, pay a little forward.

I’m embedding the video below, but for those of you who would like to watch the video directly on YouTube, here is the link: Free Crochet Video Tutorial – Ponytail Hat Neckwarmer

If you’d like to share pictures of your finished hats I’d love to see them! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here: Ravelry Ponytail Hat Neckwarmer

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