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Angelina Ballerina Crochet Doll

crochet angelina ballerina

Three years ago today my life changed forever when I gave birth to my daughter. My heart  grew 10 times bigger that day. In the short 3 years she has been on Earth, she has blossomed into a loving, caring, smart, fun loving girl that loves music, art, and dancing. She’s not shy in the least towards other children, and will immediately introduce herself to any other child she meets and ask “do you want to play?” And compassionate?! They say young children do not have the capacity for compassion, but I beg to differ. If my little girl ever sees another child upset or crying, she immediately reaches out to them, asks “what’s wrong?” and will give them a hug or a pat on the back to help them feel better. A special little girl has been bestowed upon my husband and I, and we feel blessed every single day.

I would do anything for my little girl. If she asked for the moon for her birthday I’d do my best to give it to her. Lucky for me, though, she doesn’t want the moon. Just a crocheted Angelina Ballerina doll. Specifically crocheted. It’s all she’s been asking for since she was 2-1/2. I told her “maybe for your birthday”. Having the incredible memory that she does, she has been prodding me recently to see if I’m still planning on it. My answer to her has always been “oh, I don’t know anyone who crochets around here”, and then smile at her.

I found a ballerina mouse crochet pattern in the April 2012 Crochet World magazine that could definitely be miss Angelina Ballerina herself, if it weren’t for those pesky copyright laws! Really all you need to do to alter the pattern is add a small rose on the waist of the skirt, and add a bow to her head. Tada! Angelina Ballerina.

Amigurumi is not my specialty, and I have to say, it’s hard! It’s slightly tedious and definitely more time consuming than it looks, to make sure you get everything just right. Not to mention the tight tension! Beats up on the ole’ fingers. So kudos, you crochet amigurumi masters. Hats off to you, it ain’t easy. But it is pretty.

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