Knitting! Me?!

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At night, after the kids go to bed (well, one kid and a husband) it’s my time to crochet. I turn off the tv, maybe put on some music or a podcast, then get to it. If I’m not working on a project then I’m probably designing a new pattern. It’s also a time when I can get computer related tasks done, things like writing blog posts. All those things are pretty much impossible during the day. Did I mention I have a 3 year old?

Recently, though, I’ve been a bit distracted by something I thought I’d only be interested in when I am older…knitting! Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is a crochet blog and I just want crochet patterns. Don’t worry! Crochet is my first love. I will continue to offer free crochet patterns here and premium crochet patterns in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

There are two shows I set the DVR to record, Knitting Daily hosted by Vickie Howell, and Knit and Crochet Now, hosted by Bret Bara. I recorded them (initially) for the crochet content, but would watch the knitting portions (while I crochet of course). I guess something must have sunk in because I found myself wanting to give knitting a whirl.

Knitting did not come as easy as crochet did for me…I found myself struggling quite a bit. It wasn’t until trying knitting left handed/mirrored did it start to feel right. Still, I am quite a newbie, and have a ways to go before I would consider writing a knitting pattern. I only have a few projects under my belt, all hats for my toddler.
The first hat I used only knit stitches, and it came out quite cute. I wasn’t confident in exactly when to bind off though, resulting in a pointed hat. Not a problem though, since it’s for my little girl, and what little girl wouldn’t want a pointy pixie hat!?

Knitting work in progress, Goddess CrochetKnitted Pixie Hat by Goddess Crochet

The second hat I was brave enough to try some ribbing. It gave me some good practice going back and forth between purl and knit stitches. After the ribbing portion is straight up knit stitches, which is delightfully mindless (as long as you don’t drop any of your stitches off the needle). I used stainless steel circular needles and the yarn slides off the needle beautifully.

Knitted hat in progress, Goddess Crochet

After gaining some confidence with the ribbing, I wanted to try a simple color change. I didn’t realize, but color changes in knitting are even easier than color changes with crochet!

Knitting hat in progress, goddess crochetknitted hat, goddess crochet

When I realized how easy color changing was in knitting, I got a little more daring.

Knitted pom pom hat, goddess crochet

When I have a little extra time (ha!) I’m hoping to knit my first pair of wrist warmers. I could go the “easy” route and just knit a rectangle and then seam it up (leaving a hole for the thumb), but I kinda want to try knitting them in the round. Just need to get a grip on working with double pointed needles. They aren’t bad to work with when finishing off a hat, but starting and working with them through the entire project might be an endeavor. I got a good tip from my sister in law…she puts little rubber bands on the ends of her double pointed needles to keep the stitches from sliding off involuntarily. So smart!

Are you a crocheter as well as a knitter? What are your favorite knitting projects, advice, or tips? Share in the comments below or leave a note on my Facebook Page.

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