Free Crochet Patterns Read Aloud With Underground Crafter

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Free Crochet Patterns Read Aloud with Underground Crafter – Occasional Stripes Beanie

The month of March was National Crochet Month. We get a whole month? Actually, I think it was National Craft Month, too. I guess it’s that time of year, after we’ve finished the Holiday gifts, before the children are home from school for summer. Time. Take advantage of it best you can!

For the entire month of March, Marie Segares of Underground Crafter did a unique and ambitious project – to read aloud a crochet pattern a day on her Podcast, “Free Crochet Patterns with Underground Crafter”. Marie graciously reached out to me to ask if I’d like to be a part of this interesting project, and of course I said yes, offering up my “Occasional Stripes Beanie” crochet pattern for Marie to read. It’s an easy pattern, yet still visually interesting. If you are an experienced crocheter then it’s a quick to work up project, and if you are new to crochet this would make a great confidence booster.

Free Crochet Pattern Read Aloud - Occasional Stripes Beanie

She presents the patterns in a great way….reads the row or stitch repeat, then gives a little music interlude so you can press the pause button real quick and finish your row/round. I’m looking forward to trying at least one of the other patterns Marie has read aloud.

Listen to Marie read the beanie pattern here: Occasional Stripes Beanie – Free Crochet Patterns read by Underground Crafter

You can find the beanie written pattern here: Free Crochet Pattern – Occasional Stripes Beanie

Add the pattern to your Ravelry queue here: Occasional Stripes Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

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