Mood Scarf 2016 – August

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Mood Scarf 2016 – August

Crochet Mood Scarf 2016 - August

Another month, and the mood scarf grows. August was a predominately happy month, with just one stressful day (hormone related perhaps, lol), and a handful of exciting days. The family took a trip to the ocean and it was kind of magical to discover “sea treasures” with my little girl for the first time. Hopefully that will become a yearly tradition. She was apprehensive to go into the water at first. After building one sandcastle with her dad she declared she wanted to go home.
“We just payed $23 in parking honey, go have a snack”.
Now, as a child I was literally a fish and would stay in the water all day and am wondering if my daughter would not acquire the same taste for the waves (and tidepools). She found a “brave feather” in the water and was able to overcome her fear. She had a little life vest on, and did just fine. There was one incident, however, where a wave got the best of her and she toppled over. In an effort to save herself from a mouthful of salt water she grabbed for the nearest thing within reach, which just happened to be the back of a young lady’s bathing suit bottom. Whoops!

Crochet Mood Scarf 2016 - August

If you would like to start your very own mood (or temperature) scarf, Marie from Underground Crafter has great info for getting started – “How to Plan a Year Long Temperature Scarf”.
Obviously I’m doing a mood scarf, but the planning and concept is very much the same. If you’re interested in what colors I’m using to represent the mood of the day, here they are:

Crochet Mood Scarf 2016 - August
I love how it looks when it’s all rolled up like a sushi roll! Mmmmm…sushi.

Are you working on a mood or temperature scarf or blanket? I’d love to hear about your experiences or see pictures! Leave a comment below or connect with me via Ravelry.

If you are looking to make some scarves leisure arts has a couple fun hooded scarf crochet pattern books, in traditional and digital format:

Hooded Scarves to Crochet
Hooded Scarves Book 2

Crochet Amigurumi

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