Super Bulky Basket Weave Cowl – Free Knitting Pattern

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Super Bulky Basket Weave Cowl – Free Knitting Pattern

Super Bulky Basket Weave Cowl - Free Knitting Pattern

Winters can be rough in New England. You can count on it being windy, cold, and snowy. And did I say cold? The kind of cold that makes it hard to get out of bed, or miserable to get out of the hot shower. We just had 12” or so of snow dumped on us, and tomorrow the high temperature is going to be four degrees. Four! With a low of -3. Do you have winters similar to my own? Maybe it gets even colder where you live…I’m so sorry. Let’s not let winter be the boss of us. Let’s go outside. After we knit.

This isn’t your light and fluffy, drapey cowl, but more akin to armour to protect you from the cold. Scrunch it down around your neck, or stand it up stiff to cover your mouth and nose while your breath provides a little extra warmth. If you are a knitter AND a skier/snowboarder, you are in luck, because this is the essential over-layer. It’s all about the layers! Stay cozy!

Super Bulky Basket Weave Cowl - Free Knitting Pattern

Bulky Basket Weave Cowl – Free Knitting Pattern

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Approx. 110 yards super bulky yarn (6), size 11 circular needles – 24”

Super bulky yarn

Clover Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles 24 in. Size 11 (8 mm)

Gauge and Measurements:

5 st and 8 rows in 2” stockinette. Measures approx. 12” across when laid flat, 9” tall.


If you want to make the cowl larger or smaller, or are using a different size yarn and needle, you can use any multiple of 12 that will work for you.
CO – Cast On
K – Knit
P – Purl
St(s) – stitch(es)
Rep – Repeat

Let’s Begin!

CO 60
Join to work in the round (just start knitting basically)

1. (K1, P1) around
2. (P1, K1) around
3. (K1, P1) around
4. (P1, K1) around
5. (K1, P1) around
6. (P1, K1) around
7. (K1, P1) around
8. (K6, P6) around
9. (K6, P6) around
10. (K6, P6) around
11. (K6, P6) around
12. K around
13. K around
14. (P6, K6) around
15. (P6, K6) around
16. (P6, K6) around
17. (P6, K6) around
18. K around
19. K around
20 – 31. Rep 8-19 once
32. (K1, P1) around
33. (P1, K1) around
34. (K1, P1) around
35. (P1, K1) around
36. (K1, P1) around
37. (P1, K1) around
38. (K1, P1) around

Bind off, weave in ends.

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