“Into The Jungle” Tiger Toy

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I recently subscribed to “Crochet World” magazine. So glad I did! Included with the subscription is a digital edition of the magazine along with two years of back issues to download! No, I do not get paid to promote the magazine (but I should, right)? There is a series, starting with the April 2013 issue, titled “Into the Jungle”, patterns by Cindy Cseh, which features an adorable stacker toy comprised of a giraffe, lion, elephant, monkey, and tiger, all stacked neatly on a tropical jungle tree. Now, I can’t say I have the ambition to do ALL of the animals, and certainly not the huge tree. At least not right now (too many holiday gifts to make). I knew I HAD to make at least the tiger though. My little girl just turned 1 and loves tigers, so I started on it as soon as I was able to get the right color yarn. It looks harder than it is. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. I don’t consider myself an advanced crocheter, so if I can do it, you can too!


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