Free Crochet Pattern – Hanging Cylinder Basket

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Hanging Cylinder Basket – Free Crochet Pattern

For 2013 my New Years resolution was to get organized. Can’t say I’ve fully reached my goal…BUT I still have two more months! Lol. I originally designed this hanging cylinder basket to hold eyeliners and lipgloss in my bathroom so I don’t have to dig through my makeup case to find them. What I found is that they are WAY more useful than just as makeup holders. Using those newfangled hanging strips, I attached one to the lamppost next to the living room couch. They are holding my scissors, a nail file, and a few pens…basically everything on my end table I didn’t want my toddler getting into. Another great thing about these little baskets is they are the perfect stash buster project, since they use very little yarn. They also work up nice and quick, less than an hour. Can you say instant gratification!?

Edited to add: Now includes crochet chart!

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Hanging Cylinder Basket

Magic CylinderWW

WW cotton yarn
H hook

sc = Single Crochet
ch = Chain
st = Stitch
sl st = Slip Stitch
BL = Back Loop
Rep = Repeat

Notes: Ch 1 at beginning of rounds does not count as st.
Weave in tail from ch 3 circle before basket gets too tall, round 5 or so.

Ch 3, sl st to 1st ch to form circle

1: Ch 1 (does not count as sc here or throughout).
6 sc into circle
Sl st into 1st sc to join

2: Ch 1
2 sc into same st as join.
* 2 sc in next st *
Rep from * to * 4 more times
Sl st to first sc to join (12 sc)

3: Ch 1.
Sc into same st as join.
2 sc into next st
* sc in next st, 2 sc in next *
Rep from * to * 4 more times
Sl st to first sc to join (18 sc)

4: Ch 1.
Sc into BL only of same st as join.
* Sc into BL only of next st *
Rep from * to * 16 times
Sl st into 1st sc to join (18 sc )

5: Ch 1.
Sc into same st as join.
* sc in next st *
Rep from * to * 16 times
Sl st into first sc to join (18 sc)

6-21: Rep round 5 sixteen times or until desired height is reached.

Ch 10.
Sl st in same st as join.
Sl st in each st around.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Hanging Cylinder Basket

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