“Peg Plus Cat” Pattern review – “Cat”

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For those of you who might not know, I am a mom to an almost three year old. She is creative, smart, funny, and is not afraid to tell me to crochet things for her. “Mom, you can make me a bunny”, or, “mom, you can crochet me a soccer ball”. Explanation ensues about why purchasing an actual soccer ball would be a better idea. I remind her to use her manners, and she then proceeds to put on a slightly higher tones “pleeeeaaase make me a rabbit”. I put on a tough face but am immune to her charms. Recently she has been asking for an “Angelina Ballerina” mouse…I’m hoping to make one for her birthday in a couple months. Don’t tell! As long as she’s not reading my blog I can keep it a surprise.
Speaking of PBS kids shows, one of my daughter’s absolute favorites is “Peg + Cat”. If you are a parent of a young child who watches PBS kids shows then you probably already know about this cute show and it’s catchy theme songs. For the non parents out there, “Peg + Cat” is about a little girl who goes on adventures with her ukulele and “Cat”, singing songs and solving problems along the way. The show emphasizes learning about math and shapes, but keeps it fun with music and interesting stories. I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t know what a cylinder is, or be able to recognize Beethoven’s 5th Symphony if it weren’t for that show. “Check it out…short short short looooong”.

If you are interested in checking out this groovy kids cartoon, you can head on over to PBS Kids and scroll down to the little girl with the red hat.

Being the crochet addict that I am, frequently I peruse ravelry.com looking for new and interesting patterns and ideas. I wasn’t looking for it, but when I found this pattern I knew right away that I would have to make “Cat” for my little girl. And I’m so glad I did. It’s one of her favorite stuffies now.

"Peg + Cat"
“Peg + Cat”

This free crochet pattern is generously shared by Jamie Plyler and is available on her website HERE. Thanks for sharing Jamie!!

If any one else makes this I’d love to see (as I’m sure Jamie would), and you can share your pics under the ravelry.com project page here.

Happy hooking!

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