Halloween Costumes for Kids – Free Crochet Pattern Round Up

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Free Crochet Pattern Round Up – Halloween Costumes for Kids

Perhaps you’ve started thinking about holiday and Christmas gifts you’d like to make for your loved ones already. I’m a little behind on that, but ideas are rolling around in the old noggin.

Some can get really caught up in making Christmas gifts (understandably), but don’t don’t forget about Halloween! You can make your child’s costume entirely of crochet or just supplement on their existing costume wardrobe.

Halloween costumes for your little one(s) can be made inexpensively with existing yarn from your stash, or some economy yarn of your choice. I’ve tried to highlight a good mixture of free crochet patterns for boys and girls costumes, aged toddler and up. There are some versatile items here, and a little imagination can go a long way. Don’t forget to share your projects on Ravelry, designers LOVE seeing other peoples finished items! Most of all, have fun and happy hooking!

Halloween Costume Crochet Patterns for kids, children

Free Crochet Pattern by Kim Guzman
Little Devil

1. Little Devil Hat and Little Devil Cape Crochet Pattern – Kim Guzman
A fun play on an old favorite, this devil cape and hat crochet pattern will have you well on your way to suiting up your little devil for a night of mischievousness. . Just add a pitchfork and you’re good to go! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.

Batman Cape Crochet Pattern by Heidi Yates
Batman Cape

2. Batman Cape Crochet Pattern – Laura Michels
What little boy wouldn’t want to be Batman for Halloween! This batman cape crochet pattern will help you make that happen! Just add some black jeans and a black shirt (along with the batman mask in pattern #3), and you have a full Batman costume for a very low cost! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Children's Batman Mask Crochet Pattern by Heidi Yates
Child’s Batman Mask

3. Children’s Batman Mask Crochet Pattern – Heidi Yates
This pattern belongs in the roundup too, because, really, who would Batman be without his mask? Just Bruce Wayne…and I doubt that’s a very popular Halloween costume.
Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Ninja Mask Crochet Pattern by Corina Gray
Ninja Mask

4. Ninja Mask Crochet Pattern by Corina Gray
There are so many options for this one. You could use this ninja mask crochet pattern for a Teenage Ninja Mutant Ninja costume, add a cape and become a superhero, or use it for an actual ninja costume. If you have a nice, loose fitting black shirt and pants you could make one in black and be “The Man in Black” from “The Princess Bride”. Best movie ever, by the way. Not sure it translates to a child’s costume, but if a kid came to MY door knowingly dressed as “the man in black” aka “Wesley” on Halloween, I’d dump the entire bowl of candy in his trick-or-treat bag.
Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Ninja Accessories
Ninja Accessories

5. Ninja Accessories Crochet Pattern by Charlotte W
You already have the pattern for the ninja mask. Now really complete your costume with these great accessories. Well, ok they’re weapons but I’m still calling them accessories. There is a free crochet pattern for nunchucks, and for ninja stars! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Fireman Hat
Fireman Hat

6. Fireman Hat Crochet Pattern – Carla Croissant
It won’t take much to turn your little lad into a fireman for a night of trick-or-treating! Just add this crochet hat to a red or yellow t-shirt (use fabric paint if you feel like getting creative), or a long red coat, and you have an awesome, homemade fireman’s costume that costs you next to nothing. Add this hat to your Ravelry queue here.


Children's Pirate Costume - Kim Guzman
Children’s Pirate Costume

7. Children’s Pirate Costume Crochet Pattern – Kim Guzman
This pirate costume crochet pattern includes instructions for the hat, eye patch, and sash. Add a pirate sword and maybe a parrot for your shoulder and you’ll be an arrrrrguably awesome pirate matey! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Halloween Cape crochet pattern
Halloween Cape

8. Princess Cape Crochet Pattern – April Garwood
This adorable cape could be made up in a girly pink color for a princess cape OR make it in black and you’ll have a great cape for a little witch or vampire costume. Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.



9. King, Queen, or Princess Crown Crochet Pattern – Corina Gray This crown would be the perfect finishing touch to your little king, queen, or princess outfit. Fits a variety of head sizes and will look great on a girl or boy. It would be super easy to add a few faux gemstones with some fabric glue, too! Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Witch Hat
Witch Hat

10. Witch Hat Crochet Pattern – Corina Gray
Use pattern #8 to make a cape, add this witch hat, and viola! Instant witch. Don’t you just love the hat in the bright pink color? I could totally see a hot pink cape to match. Why NOT be a pink witch? This pattern is for a toddler size but you could easily make it into child size by going up one hook size. Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Fairy Wand
Fairy Wand

11. Fairy Wand Crochet Pattern – Sara Freisberg
This wand crochet pattern would be the perfect compliment to a fairy or princess costume. Add a pair of wings and a tutu skirt for a fairy costume, or a crown and cape (over a pretty dress) to make an adorable princess outfit. Add this project to your Ravelry queue.


Fairy Tutu
Fairy Tutu

12. Fairy Tutu Crochet Pattern – Goddess Crochet
A tutu would make for a great fairy or princess costume, depending on your colors and how you accessorize. Add a wand and wings for a fairy, or a cape and a crown for a princess. Tutu tutorial Page includes a free pattern along with a picture tutorial, and can be customized for any size. Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.


Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings

13. Fairy Wings Crochet Pattern – Lisa Jelle
You have a tutu and a wand, but what is a fairy without her wings! You could also make this in contrasting colors for a pair of beautiful butterfly wings. Even after Halloween, this will be a staple in the dress up trunk. Add this project to your Ravelry queue here.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of free crochet patterns! Have a favorite crochet costume not listed here, or a costume making tip or link you’d like to share? Leave a comment, I’d love to see what your ideas are!

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