Crochet Video Tutorial – Making a Slip Knot the Easy Way

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Crochet video tutorial - Making a Slip Knot the Easy Way

Crochet Video Tutorial – Making a Slip Knot the Easy Way


Video tutorials have been on my radar as something I’d like to do for a while now, but finding time when the house is quiet enough is a task. I filmed this short but sweet video while my husband and daughter went for a visit to Grandma’s. Yay for quiet time!

Slip knots are the first thing you need to do before starting to chain or make a foundation row, so I thought it fitting to be my first video tutorial. Obviously I have much to learn when it comes to video, but there’s no better way to learn than to just do it! I think the point comes across and even with the sound off, everyone who watches this video should be able to complete a slip knot without a problem.

The video is embedded below, but if you’d rather watch the video on the youtube website, it can be found here: Crochet Tutorial – Slip Stitch the Easy Way


I hope you learned something new!

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