Crochet Video Tutorial – Water Bottle Holder

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Mesh Water Bottle Holder – Free Crochet Video Tutorial


I made another crochet video tutorial! This one is to go along with the first crochet pattern I ever wrote, the Mesh Water Bottle Holder. It’s a full length, 19-minute tutorial. I do things slightly differently these days, so the written pattern doesn’t match the video 100%, but the you’ll get the same results. Hopefully it’s all understandable to anyone who wants to make one.

My goal is to be able to provide video tutorials for those who don’t know how to read patterns but still want to crochet. You shouldn’t let not being able to read a pattern stop you from crocheting!! I’ll continue improving to try and find the sweet spot for the camera angle, the best lighting, etc…but for now I’m crocheting and filming these videos whilst spooning a tripod. It’s a little awkward but I do my best.

The video is embedded below but if you’d like to watch the video directly on YouTube, here’s the link: Video Crochet Tutorial – Water Bottle Holder

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