Win a Pair of Coloring Books for Adults – Review and Giveaway!

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coloring book for adults giveaway

Coloring Books for Adults Giveaway – Win a Pair!

Coloring books for adults are everywhere now and I love it! Anything to get people excited about creativity and to help them get in touch with their inner child creates a positive experience. Not only is coloring great fun, it’s healthy! Coloring slows down your mind and allows you to relax and de-stress. Helps you get into the “flow” state, as artists call it. I have a young toddler, so taking a little time for myself at the end of the day to de-stress is pretty much a necessity. Usually, that is crochet. But when you need a break from crochet (what!?), coloring is a valid way to keep your muse in check.

Now, you have to be careful how you say the words “adult coloring books” to some people, they might get the wrong idea. “Adult” coloring books are actually a thing (I’m told), so it may be best to say something like “coloring books FOR adults are a fun way to chillax”. I told my (artist) husband about the adult coloring books I was looking forward to getting in the mail and he told me to be sure to pick up a pack of  flesh tone colored pencils. He knew what I meant. Coloring books for adults…that wiseguy.

Coloring and I go way back…man, who doesn’t get brought  back to childhood at just the whiff of a fresh 8 or 16 pack of Crayola’s. Luckily A.C. Moore (my local yarn dealer),  had Crayola colored pencils. 50 pack was out of stock but I managed get a 36 pack of pencils for a very reasonable price. For shoots and gaggles I took a look over in the artist quality pencil section…lets just say they were so expensive they put a picture of the pencil tin on cardstock for you to bring up to the counter to purchase, like they are cigarettes or baby formula. Presumably, the cashier would have to ring someone to bring them a key to the magical unicorn land of colored pencils and pictures frames, where they would retrieve my “magic cylinders” and I could pay an exorbitant price for them. Unless you have some great colored pencils sitting around (which would be awesome), just buy yourself a relatively inexpensive crayola set and you will be just as satisfied.

These coloring books from Leisure Arts are well made, quality books. The paper is thick and one sided, so you can use gel pens or even markers to color your page, and it won’t show through on the other side. Pages are perforated and can be easily removed before or after coloring. Each book has 24 pages, and measures 8-1/2″ X 10.875″. You can find more images of pages through the picture link below should you choose to purchase one for yourself or as a gift.
Adult Coloring Book Value Pack

The Giveaway!

Lets get on to the important stuff! I am giving away 2 brand new coloring books for adults from Leisure Arts to one lucky winner! One each of “Kaleidoscope Wonders” and “Extreme Wonders“. “Kaleidoscope Wonders” is my favorite, and the source of my time-lapse video above.

Scroll down to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter. If you can’t see the entry form on your mobile device, try signing in via your desktop/laptop.  Giveaway starts on December 16th, 2015 and ends on Jan 13th, 2016 and is open to residents of USA and Canada only.

Kaleidoscope Wonders Color Art for Everyone
Adult Coloring Books for Everyone

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