Bulls Eye the Horse – Free Crochet Pattern Review with Link

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Bullseye - Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern – Bullseye (Horse from Toy Story)

Since the first time she saw it, my daughter’s favorite movie has been Toy Story. It’s one of my favorites, and good thing, too. We watch it at least once a month.┬áLast year she received Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Rex from her Grandparents. To help complete the set, I decided that this Christmas I was going to make her a Bullseye.┬áJust so it wouldn’t compete with all the wrapped presents, I placed it standing on top of her gifts, unwrapped, so she would see it first thing. Let me tell you, it was quite the treat to hear her squeal as she was coming down the stairs “Is that Bullseye? I see Bullseye! Thank you mommy, thank you!” It was worth every (late night) minute I spent working on it.

Bullseye - Free Crochet Pattern

I don’t make amigurumi crochet items often. The tight gauge can be rough on my hands, and I have to take breaks often to keep them from cramping. Also, the sewing together of pieces is not my favorite thing to do. But, I love my daughter to the moon and back, and she is worth it. All you crocheters who do all or mostly amigurumi, you have my utmost respect…it’s not easy!

The pattern itself is very clear and easy to follow. The difficulty in this is mostly sewing the parts together. It can be tricky to know exactly where things go, or how to sew them on. Just be patient and use your smoothest bent tip yarn needle. A little sanity-saving trick that I employ when doing amigurumi is using bobby pins. Temporarily piece parts together by pinning them with the bobby pins, pushing the pins right into the body. From there, it’s easy to see how things will look before going through the work of sewing them on, and then you can adjust things accordingly. When you have your pieces sewn in place, just pop out the bobby pins.

Included on the pattern page is a template for cutting out the felt pieces for the pony’s mane, tail, and eyes and eyebrows. You may have to tweak the sizes of things a little. I found the tail and mane to be perfect, but the eyes were just a little big for my pony’s head. I used a gooey but wonderful craft adhesive called fabri-tac. You can buy it in any craft store. It’s a special glue that works on fabric, and will adhere things to yarn. I used it to glue on the eyes and eyebrows. Also used just a small line of it at the base of the mane and tail. Once the glue was dry, I went back and sewed the mane and tail to the body with thread. This IS a toy, after all. Gotta make sure it won’t fall apart!

For the free crochet pattern, visit here: Free Crochet Pattern – Brown Pony (Bullseye). Many thanks to Amy for sharing!!
Add this project to your Ravelry queue here: Free Crochet Pattern – Bullseye the Horse. Don’t forget to share pictures, designers love it when you do!

Bullseye - Free Crochet Pattern


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