Dishcloth Dresses – Knitting Pattern Book

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Dishcloth Dresses – Knitting Pattern Book

Dishcloth Dresses - Knitting Pattern Book by Leisure ArtsDishcloth Dresses - Knitting Pattern Book from Leisure Arts


“Dishcloth Dresses” has 8 designs to dress up your kitchen, including “A Night on the Town”, “Princess for a Day”, “Company’s Coming”, “Dress with Apron”, “Going Dancing #1”, “Going Dancing #2”, “Wedding Day”, “Happy Day #1”, “Happy Day #2”, “Prom Date #1”, “Prom Date #2”, and “Garden Party”. All dresses were designed by Debbie Trainor for Leisure Arts. The designs are all marked as level “easy”, so even a confident beginner could make them. I’ve only been knitting a short time, so, if I can do it, YOU can do it!

All of the patterns start off with a “shopping list” of materials you need, and you probably have most of what you need on hand: cotton yarn, size 7 knitting needles, and a crochet hook for the finishing touches at the end. After the shopping list is a “techniques used” section, which shows and special stitches used, and where to find the instructions for each stitch. In the back of the book is a “general instructions” section, which lists all abbreviations used in the book along with their matching descriptions. This section also includes written instructions and diagrams for all the increases, decreases, and special stitches used in the book – nothing too hard. You can also find the specific yarn used for each dress, just in case you want to make them exactly as pictured. The book itself measures 5-1/2″ by 8-1/2″, so you’ll be easily able to tuck this in your project bag, which makes for convienent “travel knitting”.

These adorable dresses fit right over the top of your favorite dish soap bottle. It can be just a decoration if you like, but it IS a functioning dishcloth, so if you have an accidental spill, you can grab your “dress” and have it sopped up in a jiffy. If you have to hand wash dishes (the horror!), these dresses will make the chore slightly more interesting…slightly.

You’ll want to use cotton yarn for these pretty dishcloth dresses, as cotton yarn is absorbent and won’t melt under the heat of a hot pan handle. Cotton yarn is inexpensive as well as super easy to clean – just machine wash and dry with your other laundry and you’re good to go. Each of the dresses use about half a ball of (2.5oz) cotton, which means you can make two dresses with just one ball. So, if you’re looking for a unique but economical handmade gift to give, these little dishcloth dresses will hit the spot!

I made 3 of the 8 designs so far. It was kind of hard deciding which ones to make, they’re all so darned cute! The first one I made was “A Night on the Town”, because it was pretty, and, the first pattern in the book.

On the Town Dishcloth Dress

Next I made the “Happy Day #1”, which is the dress on the cover. This dress is a good opportunity to play with color. I used black, teal blue, and coral for mine, and it gives it a bit of a retro look. Fun!

Happy Day #1 Dishcloth Dress

The last dress I made was the “Wedding Day” dress. This one has rows of delicate eyelet style holes, a really pretty detail. Although the dress is called “Wedding Day”, I didn’t want to make it white because, well, it’s a dishcloth and it’s probably going to be used to clean up coffee rings on the countertop. Since I had used coral in the first two dresses, I decided to make this dress in all coral. All three together make a lovely set!

Wedding Day Dishcloth Dress

If you are looking for a quick project to dress up your kitchen, or to give as a gift, “Dishcloth Dresses” has you covered. Actually, it has your dish soap bottles covered. You can find this book in both paperback and as a digital download PDF. Buy it in PDF and you can be knitting up these adorable dresses tonight!

Dishcloth Dresses - Knitting Pattern Book by Leisure Arts

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