Mesh Triangle Shawl – Free Knitting Pattern

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Mesh Triangle Shawl – Free Knitting Pattern

Mesh Triangle Shawl - Free Knitting Pattern

The mornings are just a bit chilly here in New England, and the leaves are starting to build up on the front lawn. ‘Tis the season for apple cider and transitional knitwear. Transitional knitwear is generally something you’ll wear for those in-between seasons, when you’re not quite ready for full on wool scarves, and need just a little something to keep the chill off. Like a shawl that looks way harder to knit than it really is.

Shawls are SO on trend right now, and with the yarn available to us fiber lovin’ folk, the possibilities are limitless! Using just one ball of Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, I was able to knit a triangle shawl measuring about 16″ from top to bottom and 60″ from wingtip to wingtip. The shawl in a ball yarn is SO pretty! It fades gradually from one color to the next, leaving you with no “sudden” color change jogs, and eliminating the need to change colors (less ends to weave in, yay). You can certainly make this shawl bigger, just buy 2 skeins and go for it! You’ll be knitting from the top down to tip, and once you get going it is an easy 2-row repeat. Use your stitch markers thoughtfully! I use a green marker to mark the beginning of my “knit only” row, and a red stitch marker to mark my “increase” rows. It’s tremendously helpful when knitting in front of the tv.

The yarn I used for this project is classified as a worsted weight on the label, but, it’s definitely closer to a light (3) yarn. If you are not using the shawl in a ball yarn, any light yarn will do with a size 7 needle. If you prefer to make this in a regular worsted weight yarn, be sure to move up to size 9 needles so you can achieve the best drape. We want our shawls to be flowy, not stiff!

Mesh Triangle Shawl - Free Knitting Pattern

Mesh Triangle Shawl – Free Knitting Pattern


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1 Skein Lion Brand Shawl in a ball – 500 yards
Size 7 Needles (24″ or larger circulars)

Susan Bates Velocity Circular Knitting Needle 29 in. Size 7 (4.5 mm)

CO – Cast on
K – Knit
YO – Yarn Over
PM – Place Marker
SM – Slip Marker
ST – Stitch
K2tog – Knit two together
SSK – Slip, slip, knit

CO 3

1. K3

2. K1, YO, PM, K1, PM, YO, K1

3. K across

4. K1, YO, K1, YO, SM, K1, SM, YO, K1, YO, K1

5. K across

6. K1, YO, K1, YO, K2tog, YO, SM, K1, SM, YO, SSK, YO, K1, YO, K1

7. K across

8. K1, YO, K1 [YO, K2tog] Repeat from [ to ] until marker
YO, SM, K1, SM, YO [SSK, YO] Repeat from [ to ] until 2 st remain
K1, YO, K1

9. K across

10 – ? Repeat rows 8 and 9 until shawl reaches desired size

Bind off loosely or use Russian Lace bind off.

Weave in ends and block if desired.

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