Scrappy Bias Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern

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Scrappy Bias Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern

Scrappy Bias Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

If you need to do something with that out of control bag of scrap yarn, you are not alone! I, too, have amassed way too many leftover bits of yarn, which is why November has been dubbed scrap busting month here at Goddess Crochet. The idea is to use up your scraps to make gifts, making room for more yarn, or you can make these scarves to sell to make money to buy more yarn. Woohoo, yarn!

Weaving in endless tails aside, I love scrappy projects! I have a lot of fun putting together crazy colors and coming up with new ways to use small bits of yarn. You can really have fun with the colors on this scarf. If you want a solid color, hold two strands of the same color together. Holding two strands of yarn together at a time while only changing out 1 color at a time gives an awesome ombré/fade effect, it’s so cool!

Since you will be holding two strands of yarn together while knitting this scarf, it will use up a good amount of that scrap yarn AND it is SO cozy and squishy! From what I can tell, there’s mostly Caron cake ends, Caron Simply Soft, Bernat Super Value, and Red Heart Soft in this scarf. They all played nicely together, no real tension issues. If you’ve never worked with two strands before, don’t worry too much about it. It’s just as easy as knitting with one strand, once you get going, it’s not even a thought. You can do it!

The skinny scarf is perfect for a pop of color in the office, or if you live in a climate where it doesn’t get too cold. I made one, though I’ll be sticking with the larger scarf, for at least the next few months. Brr.
Scrappy Bias Skinny Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

Scrappy Bias Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

Scrappy Bias Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern

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Size 11 knitting needles (straight or circular)
Approximately 600-800 yards worsted weight yarn
Susan Bates Quicksilver Circular Knitting Needles 36 in. Size 11 (8 mm)
Worsted weight yarn

Gauge and measurements:

6 stitches and 6 rows in 2” garter stitch. Skinny scarf measures approx. 2-1/2” wide, regular scarf approx. 5” wide.


You will be working with 2 strands of worsted weight held together. Change colors as often as you like. Only add 1 new color at a time (don’t change out both colors at the same time) for the faded, marling effect.

Take some time to weave in tails as you go. Don’t wait until the end to do it. Trust me.

CO – Cast on
BO – Bind off
K – Knit
Kfb – Knit front and back (increase)
K2tog – Knit two together (decrease)

Let’s begin!

Holding two strands together,
CO 10 for skinny scarf, 20 for regular scarf
If using long tail cast on, skip row 1.
1. K across

2. Kfb, K until 2 st remain, K2tog

3-? Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf measures approximately 60” (a little more for taller people, less for little kiddies)

Bind off on a knit only row. Weave in tails. Did you weave them in little by little as you went along? I hope so.

Stay Warm!

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