Mood Scarf 2016 – February

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Mood Scarf 2016 – February

When I first heard the idea of crocheting a temperature scarf from Underground Crafter, I was intrigued, and knew I wanted to jump in and do something similar. A scarf seemed like a reasonable side project, not too much commitment. Some people do like to crochet temperature blankets. If you have the ambition, more power to ya! To make this more of a personal project, I decided on a mood scarf.

The concept is pretty simple. You pick a palette of colors, one to represent each feeling for the overall day. Since pink is a good color for happy, (and I’m happy most of the time), most of the scarf should be pink. If you’re interested in the rest of the colors I’ve chosen and the feelings they represent, have a look at Crochet Mood Scarf – January 2016.

Crochet Mood Scarf Month 2 - February

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Here’s a closeup of just February. While quite a happy month, it lacked the excitement (neon green) of January. Hmph. Maybe Spring will bring me some fun-filled adventures.
Crochet Mood Scarf - February 2016

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