Mood Scarf 2016 – January

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Mood Scarf 2016 – January

One of the more popular crochet projects to get started on at the beginning of the year is the temperature blanket, or temperature scarf. Marie Segares of Underground Crafter has a great blog post for planning out a temperature scarf – How to plan a year long temperature project

Although the idea of a temperature scarf is neat, I wanted to do something a little different – a mood scarf. While a blanket is awesome, I just didn’t want to commit that kind of time to a side project. So a scarf it is. One minute a day is perfect. Deciding on the colors was interesting…happy does seem to lend itself to yellow, but I’m happy most of the time and do not want to end up with a predominately yellow scarf. I decided on pink for happy. See my full palette below, and feel free to use it for your own mood scarf. You can start any day of the year!

Nervous/Anxious – Black
Sad – Dark Blue
Lonely – Light Blue
Stressed – Dark Purple
Angry – Red
Meh – Gray
Content – Brown
Happy – Pink
Exuberantly Happy – Neon Pink

Crochet Mood Scarf 2016 - January, Goddess Crochet

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