Timeless Cloche Hat – Free Crochet Pattern

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Free Crochet Pattern - Timeless Cloche Hat

Free Crochet Pattern – Timeless Cloche Hat

Recently I got my hair cut…short! My daughter who is 3 now came along and received her first haircut. Long overdue for the both of us. My hair went from almost touching my butt to barely touching my ears. It feels good to not be pushing it out of my face every ten seconds. My daughter got pretty much the same do’, a pixie style cut that’s easy to maintain. It looks good messy which is perfect. The family has been finding fewer hair spiders on the carpet, so that’s good…and oh the money I’ll save on shampoo and conditioner! My daughter did a great job sitting still in the chair and wasn’t nervous at all. When we got home I asked her if the new haircut felt nice. She said “I like it. Next time, I want it shorter, and spiky!” Love that sassy little girl!

Shortly after getting back from the hair salon I found myself looking for a new hat to crochet, surprise surprise. Since cloche hats look so fab on short hairdos I had a general idea of what I was looking for. After browsing on Ravelry for a while (and adding like 10 more hats to my queue) I decided on this Timeless Cloche Hat Free Crochet Pattern designed by Yarning for Sanity. Wouldn’t it look amazing with a bow or even a crochet popcorn flower?!

This was a summer to fall hat, so I made it in cotton yarn to keep it from being a warm hat. The cotton was purchased at A.C. Moore for a little more than a dollar a skein, and I used almost two skeins, and a tiny amount of an accent color. So the hat ended up costing only $3 to $4 in materials. Not too shabby!  A blue marl color caught my eye because it looked like denim, and I love the idea of a hat that goes with everything! If you’re not into using cotton, then a soft acrylic (or wool) yarn would make it a lovely winter crochet hat.

Free crochet pattern - Timeless Cloche Hat by Yarning for Sanity

A few small tweaks to the pattern were made to make it work for me. First off, I found the adult size to be WAY too big for me. So I decided to try the child size and it ended up fitting perfectly. The second (but very important) tweak was to stagger the increases. At first I crocheted just as the pattern was written, but the crown/top ended up looking like a square…not what you want when crocheting a hat. SO, definitely stagger the increases. If you’re not sure how to do this, the designer has a link with clarification at the top of the pattern page. The hat seemed like it was going to be a little long, so the third tweak I made was to omit a couple rounds, and I’m happy with this decision for sure. As I was working up the brim it wasn’t quite flaring out as much as I wanted, so, the last tweak I made was to work the brim as instructed with I and J hooks, but for the last couple of rounds I used a K hook.

If you would like to add this pattern to your Ravelry queue, you can find it here (don’t forget to share pictures!): Timeless Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern - Timeless Cloche Hat by Yarning for Sanity

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